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    GamerzUniverse and the Rules behind it. [UPDATE: 7/9/13]

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    GamerzUniverse and the Rules behind it. [UPDATE: 7/9/13] Empty GamerzUniverse and the Rules behind it. [UPDATE: 7/9/13]

    Post by Evolution Master on Tue Sep 04, 2012 5:06 pm

    Welcome to GamerzUniverse, a fan forum dedicated to general gaming. While mainly being focused as a Nintendo fan forum, this forum is also welcome to discussions and clans of just about any other type of game by any other company. Aside from gaming, users can also discuss just about anything else that goes on int their lives whether it resolves around school, entertainment, or just life in general.

    Please feel free to use this forum to its full potential; however, do understand that we also have a set of rules that each and everyone of us must follow. If they are not followed, expect some warnings and possibly bans to take place. Please take some time to read the rules as listed below:


    *Be respectful of each and every user. Please do not encourage verbal fights within the forum nor call others by foul names. Treat others with respect and you will gain respect back by them.

    *No swearing. I'm sure most of you are familiar with this rule and this rule ties in back to respecting the members of the forum. Also be aware that children under the ages of 13 will be very likely to use this forum as well (whether they be members or not), and the last thing we need is for angry parents to be on our tails after they learn some foul language. If you insist on using more extreme words, try censoring it with asterisks please.

    *Please do not SPAM. Spam based topics and posts are rather unwelcome in the forum, and creating them is simply an annoyance to most users. While it may be appropriate in some areas in the forum (such as the Forum Games and the specifically made General Spam sections), spam isn't welcome. Now where is it not allowed? Well...I think it's simple enough to figure out.  Wink

    Also check this link out for more information about Spamming.

    Also please note that spamming isn't going to help your GCoin count as we (the admins) will find out whose been spamming or not. If we do figure out a case of spam, we might deduct the amount of GCoins from the spamming user.

    *Keep it PG. Well this is an interesting rule, but it really relates to keeping the forum friendly to all ages (ties in with the second rule). Generally speaking, try to not post inappropriate images (you know what I mean) and other stuff. Sure some things may be funny at times; however, let's just keep everything clean and child-friendly for now.

    *Posting of illegal material/content. Illegal content is generally frowned upon in most forums, and GamerzUniverse is no exception. Please keep our forum free of illegal material, and please note that serious consequences will occur to those responsible if these type of materials are seen within the forum.

    *NEW RULE: No Mini Modding. Mini-Modding is basically a member is behaving as though you have the authority of a staff member. We ask that you do not try to correct other's behavior and let the staff take care of that. If you feel that someone is in violation of the rules, please do not state that they are doing so, but rather, let the staff know. Either in the chatbox, or PM to any GU Staff Member.

    Thanks for both reading and hopefully following the rules. If you have any further questions, please pm one of the following admins:  Wink

    Current Staff Members:


    *Evolution Master (myself)




    *PokeZone/Togekissing Snivy
    *Super Bond


    GamerzUniverse and the Rules behind it. [UPDATE: 7/9/13] Tumblr_mq80pmZuiJ1rxcsyvo1_500

    GamerzUniverse and the Rules behind it. [UPDATE: 7/9/13] Tumblr_lir6cf2gPZ1qd5tiuo1_500GamerzUniverse and the Rules behind it. [UPDATE: 7/9/13] Chespin_by_jackster3000-d5rp3xm
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    GamerzUniverse and the Rules behind it. [UPDATE: 7/9/13] Tumblr_mik2a2Qbdn1rxcsyvo1_250

    GamerzUniverse and the Rules behind it. [UPDATE: 7/9/13] Tumblr_mjs3vhbGBw1rxcsyvo1_400
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