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    FanFiction and Roleplay section! (Update: 10/23/12)

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    FanFiction and Roleplay section! (Update: 10/23/12) Empty FanFiction and Roleplay section! (Update: 10/23/12)

    Post by Evolution Master on Wed Oct 24, 2012 12:12 am

    Finally, the fanfiction and roleplay sections have arrived to GamerzUniverse! A section dedicated to these two topics have been requested for quite a while, so I'm pleased to announce that a new section for them has now been made available! Smile

    Anyways, go enjoy yourself guys! Get creative and post some interesting stories there! Participate in forum roleplay activities too. However, just try to control yourselves there and please stay appropriate in consideration to the rules. Further rules for the section alone will be posted shortly by MapleBerry (the section's mod) and the super moderators.

    Also please do not spam in that section by making small posts (consisting of a few words). We want a well organized Fanfiction and Roleplay section in our forum, and the last thing we need is for users to simply post there for post count. Evil or Very Mad Be warned that you could be given a warning if one of the staff members spots you spamming. There is also a possibility of a ban, so be careful!

    On that note, do enjoy yourselves guys and get creative! Yahoo!


    FanFiction and Roleplay section! (Update: 10/23/12) Tumblr_mq80pmZuiJ1rxcsyvo1_500

    FanFiction and Roleplay section! (Update: 10/23/12) Tumblr_lir6cf2gPZ1qd5tiuo1_500FanFiction and Roleplay section! (Update: 10/23/12) Chespin_by_jackster3000-d5rp3xm
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    FanFiction and Roleplay section! (Update: 10/23/12) Tumblr_mik2a2Qbdn1rxcsyvo1_250

    FanFiction and Roleplay section! (Update: 10/23/12) Tumblr_mjs3vhbGBw1rxcsyvo1_400
    Thank you for the signature Michelle! XD

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