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    GU Lottery Draw! (February 2013)

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     GU Lottery Draw! (February 2013)  Empty GU Lottery Draw! (February 2013)

    Post by Evolution Master on Fri Mar 01, 2013 6:36 pm

     GU Lottery Draw! (February 2013)  Marioluigi

    Hey everyone, it's that time of the month again. It's time for the second annual GU Lottery Draw! This is our second draw, and we've had a few more participants since last month's draw!

    Anyways for this draw, we have a grand jackpot of 555 GCoins! That's quite hefty and will definitely be very helpful in the upcoming GU Battle Tournament that has just been set (especially item wise XD). So without a further ado, let us get this raffle started!

    Time to pull out the lucky ticket number, and this will be done by a "professional" random number generator...with proof! Yes, EM isn't lying. Razz Trust him XD:

     GU Lottery Draw! (February 2013)  Tumblr_mj03wbDNLn1rxcsyvo1_250

    10?! That's quite an exact number. Neutral

    Alright, let's see our competitors!

    Jeshire ANIMEFREAK ValiantHero Pokemon73

    Hm, they all look pretty hungry...for GCoins possibly? XD

    From my sources of the ticket numbers they've received, the grand prize winner for this month is....

    ANIMEFREAK with the lucky number ticket #10! AF? Hm...I wonder. Either way, congratulations! Yahoo!

    And that's that for the lottery draw for this month!! However, don't worry, we have another draw coming up for February (the next month which is technically today XD), so grab your tickets while they're fresh!

    Thank you for participating in this lottery raffle guys! In commemoration of the first draw being a success, the two other competitors who didn't win will receive a bonus sum of 50 gracious GCoins. Thank you guys and see you next month at our next draw!



     GU Lottery Draw! (February 2013)  Tumblr_mq80pmZuiJ1rxcsyvo1_500

     GU Lottery Draw! (February 2013)  Tumblr_lir6cf2gPZ1qd5tiuo1_500 GU Lottery Draw! (February 2013)  Chespin_by_jackster3000-d5rp3xm
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     GU Lottery Draw! (February 2013)  Tumblr_mik2a2Qbdn1rxcsyvo1_250

     GU Lottery Draw! (February 2013)  Tumblr_mjs3vhbGBw1rxcsyvo1_400
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     GU Lottery Draw! (February 2013)  Empty Re: GU Lottery Draw! (February 2013)

    Post by Pokemon73lp on Fri Mar 01, 2013 6:42 pm

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! Anyway congratulations AF......

    GU is done.

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