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    16 mile bike ride in the rain!

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    16 mile bike ride in the rain! Empty 16 mile bike ride in the rain!

    Post by Will on Wed Sep 25, 2013 12:28 am

    Last saturday I was planning on riding my bike (cause I'm a cyclist) but it was pouring really hard. But I decided instead of cancling my plans to go anyway. I was a little excited and nervous at the sametime about going in the rain. But I put on my Yellow cycling shirt (like a lance armstrong boss) and I hit the road.

    Well it sucked from the minute I started. I was cold and drenched. My orginal plan was 26 miles but I just got so tired there was no way. I powered my way thru as much as I could and I think 16 miles is pretty far given the wheather conditions.

    Also if any of you get the chance to ride your bike down a big hill in the rain...do it. Really fun!

    16 mile bike ride in the rain! A310

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