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    Everything Animal Crossing

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    Everything Animal Crossing Empty Everything Animal Crossing

    Post by Shiny Star on Mon Jul 29, 2013 4:26 pm

    Everything Animal Crossing Eaclogo
    (Click the image to go to the forum)

    Everything Animal Crossing (EAC for short) has had quite a bit of history. It's had a downtime of around 2 or 3 years but recently life was born again in it. It's a small community everyone gets along well and it has a sense of warmth to it. There will be a new theme as well as quite a few updates shortly. Even if you're not an Animal Crossing fan, please join it. We have other sections too and every single post you make really makes a difference to me and I'm not just saying that.

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    Everything Animal Crossing Empty Re: Everything Animal Crossing

    Post by Evolution Master on Wed Jul 31, 2013 9:53 pm

    Accepted! Smile

    Good luck Shiny Star! That's a nice forum you have there, and AC is a great series! Smile


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    Thank you for the signature Michelle! XD

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