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    Christmas layout and upcoming plans! (12/15/12)

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    Christmas layout and upcoming plans! (12/15/12) Empty Christmas layout and upcoming plans! (12/15/12)

    Post by Evolution Master on Sat Dec 15, 2012 3:26 pm

    Hello again everyone, it's me Evolution Master. Wink I hope school and all other aspects of life has been treating you well during this busy time of the year. Well don't worry, Christmas is just around the corner and I'm sure that all of us would benefit from a little rest coming up soon.

    Anyways, the main aspect of this update is to reveal the start of our Christmas decorations as well as a little announcement of upcoming events that will be coming to GamerzUniverse real soon! Firstly, let us talk about the Christmas decorations:

    1) Christmas themed Forum?
    As you may have noticed, the forum has gotten a few decorations set up already at the moment. XD Right now, we have an animated snow effect going on within the main forum page, an animated star pattern going along the portal page, and some other small animated images around the boards.

    The GamerzUniverse homepage ([url]universalapps.canadian-forum.com[/ca]) has also been revamped with a "toadally" different theme and been given a new page (an Events page!). This page should be a handy feature for all you users as the Events page will be updated constantly in regards to events within the forum (including events such as WiFi tournaments, RPs, and whatnot).

    Now, is that all in regards to the Christmas themed revamps? Nope, not even close. Within the next week, expect some new backgrounds, a new banner possibility (courtesy of AnimeFreak), and some more animated "fun stuff". XD Don't worry, I get bored of the forum looks just as much as you all do, so expect some neat arrangements to be made shortly. If you have further suggestions tell us (I know AnimeFreak was upset because not too many people participated in his Christmas theme suggestion thread).

    2) Upcoming Events/Plans
    Here are some small nitpicks and plans that I have in mind to come to the forum real soon though haven't been able to get to due to my exams (again, I apologize for my lack of activeness lately though I assure you that I will be more active real soon!):

    *) Battle System
    -This has been a mode that has been requested for a while, and I assure you that it will be set up by the end of next week range. There's a few complications with it; however, even setting up a simple system for it to work should do for the timebeing. Also don't worry, as there are still new features to be expected from it both right from the start and later on as the game progresses on. Smile

    *) GU Channel Uploading
    - This is also another issue that has been addressed lately. As most of you may have already known, the official GamerzUniverse Youtube channel has been launched (https://universalapps.canadian-forum.com/t198-gamerzuniverse-s-youtube-channel), and it is a channel that allows users from the forum to have their own videos uploaded to the channel and help spread word about the forum. Smile Videos can consist of gameplay clips, walkthroughs and lps, game reviews, forum promotions, and more!

    The main issue is the uploading process in which regular users can upload their videos. Right now, the channel is handled by the admins; however, we have figured out a few methods for users to send in their videos in order for them to be uploaded. Fortunately, some ways would work so we will get things arranged the GU channel by this week as well.

    For now, that's all at the moment. However, I might come back to update this thread with more things to do (which most likely will happen), so expect more good things to happen around GU! RidethemPokeballs!

    Also feel free to criticize any of the Christmas designs, looks, or features of the forum here for now. I'm hoping that the snow effect does not lag for the users here; however, just to be sure, I would like some feedback. Smile Also post more ideas of what you would like on the forum layout for the holidays as well! Anyways, stay tuned everyone!
    Christmas layout and upcoming plans! (12/15/12) Mario_Sunshine_Red_Kinopio_by_rowe


    Christmas layout and upcoming plans! (12/15/12) Tumblr_mq80pmZuiJ1rxcsyvo1_500

    Christmas layout and upcoming plans! (12/15/12) Tumblr_lir6cf2gPZ1qd5tiuo1_500Christmas layout and upcoming plans! (12/15/12) Chespin_by_jackster3000-d5rp3xm
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    Christmas layout and upcoming plans! (12/15/12) Tumblr_mik2a2Qbdn1rxcsyvo1_250

    Christmas layout and upcoming plans! (12/15/12) Tumblr_mjs3vhbGBw1rxcsyvo1_400
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    Christmas layout and upcoming plans! (12/15/12) Empty Re: Christmas layout and upcoming plans! (12/15/12)

    Post by Will on Wed Dec 19, 2012 11:30 pm

    Cool. This is a really long post and I didnt read it, but Im sure it's good stuff.
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    Christmas layout and upcoming plans! (12/15/12) Empty Re: Christmas layout and upcoming plans! (12/15/12)

    Post by ÄṉïṃεFɾεαќ on Thu Dec 20, 2012 12:18 am

    ^^^LOL, lazy bum Razz

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    Christmas layout and upcoming plans! (12/15/12) Tumblrm7564akrdl1rrtlrw


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    Christmas layout and upcoming plans! (12/15/12) Empty Re: Christmas layout and upcoming plans! (12/15/12)

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