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    MUST READ: What is GCoins and the GStore?

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    MUST READ: What is GCoins and the GStore? Empty MUST READ: What is GCoins and the GStore?

    Post by ÄṉïṃεFɾεαќ on Sun Jun 17, 2012 2:08 am

    Hey there guys I'm going to explain about the GCoins system and the the GStore. Ok let's start.


    This is the forums currency. You earn these coins by posting threads, posts, helping out, etc.. The posts are monitored by other staff so spam posts will be deleted, points will be deduced and their will be a warning. If it happens again a ban will be put in place. The more active you on the forum helps build up your points. Also, if any staff find you deserve more, we will give more!


    This is the shop for your needs on this forum. You spend your GCoins here to buy some stuff for forum uses.. This part is still in construction, but in order for this to work, your going to have to pm, or chat to an admin for him/her to give your item. She/ he will deduct the amount of points and you soon will have your purchased gift.

    That's pretty much it for explanations. If u require help, please post in the help section of this forum.

    Very Happy

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