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    GamerzUniverse Battle Tournament (Basic rules and format) - Under construction

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    GamerzUniverse Battle Tournament (Basic rules and format) - Under construction

    Post by Evolution Master on Sat Oct 06, 2012 2:18 am

    After finally being able to get GamerzUniverse to a stable ground as a forum, I decided that there was one thing still missing from making this community even more memorable and unique in comparison to most other basic gaming forums. As a result, my idea for this gaming forum is to add an online (text based) RPG battle system.

    I'm pretty sure that most of you are familiar with RPG games such as Pokemon and the sort, and as a result, this game will play like most of your favourite RPG games. Basically, you will receive a character (which can be brought from the GStore) as your warrior and your character to represent yourself in the GamerzUniverse Battle Tournaments. These characters are customizable and all vary in powers, so brace yourself as you read this start-up guide Cool :

    This is self explanatory; however, your first step to playing this game is to obtain your character/warrior. You can purchase a basic character template from the GStore. Before you head to the Gstore now, complete reading this section as you can't buy your character without some further information.I will update this thread when I make that option available in the shop. Exclamation

    To make things interesting, your character template is basically a stand in for what character you truly want. Your character must be a character existing within the Nintendo games; however, the twist is that the character must be a character belonging to a species (eg. Pokemon characters, Yoshis, Toads, Koopas, Goombas, etc.). For example, you cannot use characters like Mario as they are specific characters. However, you can use palette swaps or alternate coloured versions of actual characters (like a blue Mario or a red Link).

    When you make a post on the prize request thread to request your character, you must make the basic outline. Follow below:

    Character Name:
    Colouration: (don't go too complex with the alternate colours)

    Basic artwork/sprite of your character (coloured in) will be sent to you shortly once you get a confirmation of your purchase at the GStore.

    Here's an example of a fill-out and character design:

    Character Name: Blue Toad
    Species: Toad species
    Colouration: Blue head spots, blue vest


    Your character is now born and ready for use. Below is my example character:


    (note: either hand-drawn, sprite, or artwork recolours will be used to represent the characters. The official artwork used here is just for the quick example).
    Basic Information:
    Name: Blue Toad
    Species: Toad
    Owner: Evolution Master
    Traits: Marathon Runner
    Ability: Spore Regenerator

    *Headbutt (attack - based on attack power)
    *Golden Mushroom (speed x2 when you use it)
    *(extra move - gained after level ups)
    *(extra move)

    Lv. 1
    HP: 10
    Attack: 5
    Defense: 3
    Special: 3
    Speed: 5

    Now, let's analyze what we have here. For the character description, the species actually does make a difference. For example, each species will have two strong stats, two bad stats, and one neutral stat. I will make a thread outlining species stat distribution soon to explain this in further detail. For example, since my character is a Toad, the stat distribution for Toads are this: Attack and Speed stats are raised, Defense and Special stats are lowered, and HP stat is neutral. These stats develop (much like other RPG games) as the characters level up.

    Here is how the stats work:

    HP - How much health your character has. If your character loses all of his/her health, it's game over for you.
    Attack - Physical attacking power. Basic moves are based off this stat's power.
    Defense - Stat that determines how much your character can endure from hits.
    Special - Special attacks have their powers determined from this stat.
    Speed - How fast your character can move. Speed determines turn order.

    Level and stat distribution will be updated by the admins, super mods, and mods and changes will occur based on battle victories (including level ups, stat increases, and move updates).

    From the character information, traits such as the "Marathon Runner" for the Toad I made are character exclusive abilities. Therefore, Marathon Runner means Speed will be the Toad's best stat so whenever the admins/mods update my character, his speed will be given an extra point each time they are updated (eg speed +2 points than +1). His ability is "Spore Regenerator" which means that he will heal 1 hp at the end of every turn. Every character based on his/her species will have a unique ability shared among them (eg Power increasing, hp restoring, etc). I will make threads outlining the traits and abilities soon as well.


    Now here comes the fun part....it's time to battle other members of the GamerzUniverse forums. To this, you must place a reservation for a battle on the Battle Tournament Match Ups. You must fill out this form on that thread (once it's made):

    Battle Cup Level: (fill in the level of your character here; match ups are made off this)
    Character Name: (character/warrior you are placing in the fight)

    After the admins/mod accept your form, you will be matched up against another on a thread (made by the admin/mod) in the Battle Tournament section (which will be made in the near future). Character details from both you and your opponent will be list in the first post of the the thread by the admin. Equipment will also be stated. *(Read below for Equipment details).



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