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    Physical DLC? Skylanders and Pokemon!

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    Physical DLC? Skylanders and Pokemon!

    Post by Will on Tue Apr 16, 2013 9:45 pm

    NOTE: This post is a little long for the typical lazy man,so I bolded the main stuff. Also move this post and I'll get mad.

    I always prefer physically owning games over downloading them. But what about DLC? Could physical DLC become popular, and would it be better then virtual DLC? Although I hate DLC in general both could be pretty good.

    Although the game Skylanders isn't that new of a game, it is a very unique game. As far as gameplay it isn't very special, but it is how you get to play it that is different. With skylanders you buy the game a long with 3 mini figures that you use to decide your character in the game. Eventually you complete the game with those 3 characters, go to the game store and buy new figures to play as in the game.

    With this format you are constantly buying DLC, but only in a physical way. This is better because if you enjoy collecting, not only do you get a new way to play your game, but you also get to collect cool toys. I honestly think this is a great new way to play games, and also a great way for a company to make lots of cash.

    But imagine this with pokemon? With the mystery dungeon games this would work perfectly. But what about this on a typical pokemon game? Of course there would be no way you could get every type of pokemon, so you could never "catch em all". So what if you caught normal pokemon in the game, but there are special pokemans you can't get in the game game and you can only buy them in stores? Maybe as toys or just AR cards that looked like the traditional trading cards. The pokemon you buy could only be bought in stores, or they would just be popular ones like pickachu.

    Tell me if you would like to be able to buy special pokemon, if so what format would it be in, and if you like the idea of Physical DLC in general.


    (P.S. Has anyone played skylanders? If it good? I'm thinking about getting it.)


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    Re: Physical DLC? Skylanders and Pokemon!

    Post by Evolution Master on Wed Apr 17, 2013 11:34 am

    To be honest, I haven't played Skylanders yet; however, I'm willing to try. Looks interesting. XD

    As for physical DLC, I'm rather neutral with it so far. It has gained some popularity recently, and I can see it being added to more games eventually over now. Now, to be honest it's already become a success. It's given games enough time to add extra content before and after a game's release and it also gives players more variety as well. I personally wouldn't mind seeing this happen in the upcoming Smash Bros. games though (gives people more choices for playable characters XD).

    Of course when it comes to Pokemon, I think we might be seeing something similar to this for the upcoming Pokemon Rumble U.

    Not sure if these ones are paid for atm...

    Of course, toys/figures are just part of Pokemon's many popular merchandising ways, so I wouldn't be surprised if GameFreak pulls this more often for future games. Pokemon games are stuffed with a load of content...so a strong possibility! As I said earlier, I'm neutral at the moment for physical paid DLC figures; however, I do think they're interesting and a good way to add more content into the game when it comes to satisfying players to their own tastes.

    Though in the Pokemon series...it really would become even more difficult to catch 'em all if you had to pay for Pokemon. XD



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