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    Funny Picture Zone Section Rules

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    Funny Picture Zone Section Rules

    Post by Togekissing Snivy on Fri Sep 07, 2012 11:32 pm

    To keep this forum clean and fun. Please take the time you read the rules in this section as you can. Thanks.

    1. ALL OF GamerzUniverse Rules apply to here!
    - You already read the rules, don't you?

    2. No Inappropriate Images.
    - Such as sex, porn, or something that is inappropriate related is not allowed.

    3. Don't constantly SPAM in this section.
    - If you didn't read the SPAM Guide. I suggest you read it NOW. Spam is not funny.


    4. Don't post an image that invovles offending/hatred to a Religion or any Race or anyone's Country.
    - Seriously, no.

    5. Have Fun! Very Happy
    - Note: Your images doesn't have to be funny. A picture can be also a fact, a meme, and so many more to show us. ^w^

    - PokeZone
    GamerzUniverse Administrator

    Rules Updated: November 14, 2012


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