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    [Update] Video Theatre Thread Section Rules

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    [Update] Video Theatre Thread Section Rules

    Post by Togekissing Snivy on Fri Sep 07, 2012 11:23 pm

    Welcome to Video Theatre Section! Rules as follows.

    1. ALL OF GamerzUniverse Rules applys to here!
    - You know the rules, don't you?

    2. No videos that involves like offending/hatred to a Religion or any Race or anyone's Country.
    - Seriously, no.

    3. Illegal Videos like Roms, Emulators, or any illegal Guides are NOT allowed.
    - We don't want to see a video that is totally illegal. Your thread will be removed by Mods or Admins if we catch you posting an illegal video.

    4. Keep it PG or PG-13. NO Rated R videos.
    (For PG-13, you must include [PG-13] in your thread titles!)
    - Likewise MAJOR inappropriate language, swearing or cussing is NOT ALLOWED in this section.

    5. Similar to Rule #4 - No sexual Videos.
    - We just don't want to see it. kthxbai.

    6. SPAM is not cool. Don't fall for it.
    - Spam qualifies many types. Please read the SPAM Guide if you didn't do so.


    7. Have Fun!
    - Post any videos that relate to gaming, comedy, or so many more! We don't mind but please don't break the following rules. Thanks.

    - PokeZone
    GamerzUniverse Administrator

    Rules Updated: November 14, 2012


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