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    GamerzUniverse Channel: Pokemon SoulSilver - Hall of Fame and Credits

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    GamerzUniverse Channel: Pokemon SoulSilver - Hall of Fame and Credits

    Post by Evolution Master on Sun Dec 16, 2012 3:42 am

    Second video to be uploaded to the official GamerzUniverse Youtube channel.

    The video consists of gameplay directly from Pokemon SoulSilver of the hall of fame and credits gameplay. Nothing too fancy, but still a second video. Cool

    Rate my team or better yet, the video below. I know the quality isn't perfect, but alas I'll make better ones once the holidays strike in. Also we still have some ideas to uploading your own videos, so if you have a video that you want to be uploaded to the GU channel inform one of the admins here, and we will try to upload it. Wink



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