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    Brawl - Guide to unlocking stages (complete) :Arrow:

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    Brawl - Guide to unlocking stages (complete) :Arrow:

    Post by Evolution Master on Wed May 30, 2012 2:05 pm

    As a continuation to the unlockable character guide for Brawl, here is a guide to help Brawl players to unlocking the various secret stages in the game. Please read carefully, and go for the challenge of unlocking these stages! Cool

    *Note: The stages that have the words "NEW" italicized beside them are actual new stages introduced in this game. The ones without these words indicate that they are returning stages from either Melee or the original Smash Bros. game.

    VS Mode requirements:

    Luigi's Mansion *NEW*:

    *Play as LUIGI on VS mode 3 times.

    Big Blue:

    *Play as CAPTAIN FALCON on VS mode 10 times.

    Pokemon Stadium:

    *Play on POKEMON STADIUM 2 (stage) in VS mode 10 times.

    Jungle Japes:

    *Play 10 VS matches on ANY available Melee stages (not limited to one).

    75m *NEW*:

    *Play as DONKEY KONG on VS mode 20 times.

    Green Greens:

    *Play as KIRBY on VS mode 20 times.

    Event Mode requirements:

    Mario Bros. *NEW*:

    *Complete Event 19: Wario Bros.

    Spear Pillar *NEW*:

    *Complete Event 25: The Aura Is With Me.

    Hanenbow *NEW*:

    *Complete Event 28: Flower Blooms in the Echoes.

    Unlockable Character requirements:
    *Stages that show the following message for unlocking - Unlock (secret character) - needs you to unlock that required character first. Once you unlock him/her, you will automatically get that specific stage along with the character.

    Flat Zone 2 *NEW*:

    *Unlock MR. GAME & WATCH (character).

    Green Hill Zone *NEW*:

    *Unlock SONIC THE HEDGEHOG (character).

    Pirate Ship *NEW*:

    *Unlock TOON LINK (character).



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    Re: Brawl - Guide to unlocking stages (complete) :Arrow:

    Post by Mr.Snap on Fri Jul 20, 2012 11:35 pm

    Nice thank you it will be very helpful! What a Face

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